About Us

JOC PR is a Dallas-based, full-service public relations and event planning firm with capabilities in fundraising, public relations, foundation establishment and maintenance, strategic planning, media relations, corporate events and sponsorships.

Our staff brings together extensive professional experience in sports public relations, corporate communications, accounting, professional sports media, media relations and event planning.

JOC PR takes a campaign approach to each assignment – gather information, define goals, set timelines and budgets; plan our work; and work the plan while evaluating our progress at key points along the way. We work hard to meet and exceed your goals.

We are experienced enough to tackle your needs with ample resources and are confident that your needs will be met with JOC PR. We are committed to growing foundations into a source of community involvement, keeping celebrities actively involved in their communities, increasing client profiles in the media, garnering local, national and international attention for planned events and creating opportunities for professional growth.